Help Ukraine

Generation Travel recently supported 5 local car dealers to prepare a double decker coach and load it with supplies heading to the Polish/Ukrainian border.

Once there the coach was used to transport people to a place of safety

🇺🇦Now we have been back again with more coach loads and you can follow the journey’s below🇺🇦

🇺🇦 Thank you so much for all of your generous donations🇺🇦

The story of the first mission

Every one helping out at Kensington Car Sales to organise supplies into boxes labelled in English/Polish/Ukrainian.
The Coach Has arrived at Generation Travel where it is being serviced and prepped for MOT before its long journey to the Polish/Ukraine Border and back.
More supplies arrive at Kensington car sales
The coach leaving Generation Travel en-route to the Testing station in Northallerton.

BBC Tees interview

Chris Maddren of Driven Cars Thornaby/Billingham speaks to BBC Tees Gary Philipson
supplies have now filled the office at Generation Travel and spill into reception
Loading the coach with supplies at Kensington Car sales in Norton.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

BBC Tees follow up interview

Chris Maddren speaks to BBC Tees Antony Collins on returning from the Ukraine

The 2nd Mission Begins

A Big thank you to Gary & the Team at ColourScreen Teesside for their support and Very Generous offer to Livery the coach with Ukraine Colours ahead of our departure.

The Donations started to pour into the Office and the Coach made a stop at the COOP in Stokesley where we received donations of desperately needed aid from the kind people and business owners of Stokesley ready for the next Mission.

Day 1

Journey to Newcastle for the DFDS sailing to Amsterdam

Day 2

Travelling through Germany en-route to Poland
Day 3

Checking the coaches over before travelling trough Poland to the aid distribution centre at Chelm.
Day 3

Aid successfully dropped off, Now its time to eat.

The Coaches arrive at the Refugee Centre in Chelm where we collect and safely transport Elderly, Women, Children, Babies, Cats & Dogs to a safer place in Germany.

Day 4

Safely transporting displaced, Elderly, Women, Children, Babies, Cats & Dogs to a safer place in Germany. We had people on the coach from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol & Donetsk.

Ferry back home

Our Last Mission

Thank you so much to everybody in all businesses involved in making this happen, thank you to every member of the public and every one working behind the scenes including friends and family helping to arrange contacts and sort supplies.

Without your donations this couldn’t happen.

Gardiners NMC & Cochranes Coaches Departed on Sunday 17th April on the same mission to supply aid and help people move safely!

They Successfully Transported people From a Refugee centre in Przemyśl to The Netherlands & Belgium